Alone- Preview From Album  

I started writing for The Long Winter in October, 2013.  The song Alone was the second song written for this project.  As the album title implies, sometimes the "winters" of our lives can last a long time. Winter speaks of a lack of warmth, a lack of life, and extended darkness.  These things are also understood metaphorically as conditions of the human soul.  When the soul endures a long winter, it can tend to see life through lenses of discouragement and even hopelessness. The soul considers things that normally would be quickly dismissed.  There are many things that bring a long winter to a soul; some external and others internal. 

Some people think that a follower of Jesus ought never have to suffer through extended periods of "winter", but we are told that even Jesus understood this condition.  Isaiah 53:3 tells us about Jesus... 

He is despised and rejected by men,  
A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.  
And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him;  
He was despised, and we did not esteem Him. 

Jesus was often found in the middle of a crowd, but He also knew what it was like to be alone. 

~Bill Walden

Album Being Mixed By Rex Paul Schnelle 

Hi friends... 
We are blessed to have Rex Paul Schnelle mixing our album. Rex hails out of Nashville and is a seasoned musician, singer/songwriter, and producer. He’s doing a great job and we are very excited to be coming close to finishing our album. 

Here's a pic of Rex (left) with Phil Keaggy (right).

Check out Rex on Facebook and on YouTube. Rex also leads a group called Sacred Space. Look them up!


Our Story

Bill Walden was born in San Francisco, but grew up in Orange County. He was involved in music since age 8, when he took up the saxophone. Throughout the '70's he played in various casual and club bands, and in the '80's, sang and played for three groups: Undercover, The Fourth Watch, and The Mirrors, recording a total of five albums with those groups.  He currently pastors Cornerstone Ministries in Napa, CA. He has been married to Debbie since 1982, and they have three children and seven grandchildren.

Allie Hammond was born and raised in Cottage Grove, OR, but moved to Napa in 2007, and lived there until 2018, when she re-located to Cottage Grove. She comes from an extremely musical family and has been singing since she was in fifth grade when she joined her first choir. Allie was a member of band and choir throughout her middle school and high school years. Since moving to California, she has been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of her church's worship team, as well as attend Calvary Chapel's School of Worship in Costa Mesa, CA. She hopes that music will continue to be a big part of her future.

Bill and Allie got acquainted at Cornerstone, singing on the worship team together.  That sharing of music led to Allie singing on Bill's worship album entitled Gleanings From The Clefs, and that co-laboring led to the present musical partnership.

Bill and Allie are recording an album to be released in 2018.  The album is entitled, "The Long Winter".  The album addresses such themes as depression, discouragement, betrayal, and suicide.  The Psalms are full of such themes, and this album follows in that trajectory. This album is being orchestrated produced by Ojo Taylor. Additional guitar work is being done by Greg Lawless, Danny Flowers, and Erica Lashley.