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Our Story

The Peaceables are a band from Napa, CA.  Their music has elements of pop, power pop, rock, and Americana.

The band was born out of an existing singer-songwriter duo of Bill Walden & Allie Hammond. A backline was needed for an outdoor gig, and it morphed into The Peaceables.  Lead singer, songwriter, guitarist Bill Walden has known bassist James Walker since the early 90's, when they both lived in Southern California.  They got re-acquainted in 2016.  Vocalist Allie Hammond was already working with Bill, and drummer Ray Elfers was introduced by a mutual friend.

The band consists of:
Bill Walden-guitar, vocals
Allie Hammond-vocals
James Walker-bass
Ray Elfers-drums

The Peaceables will be releasing a 6 song E.P. in 2018.