From the recording Solo Demos


Don't make me say the words
Drag them out of that place
We've not enough time to dust them off
And set them straight

Let me instead breathe a bit
Take it all in
The where you've place your pen
The measured spaces between the between

It's small up here,
This place full of big ideas
Eternity carved into memories
Of earthly dust glorified

I wanted to find a place
Where it was okay
I wanted drop my bag
Not have to explain

To watch you in your watching
There in your space
To wait for you to square up
The mess I'd just made

I had hoped to squeeze into that corner beneath the sign
I had hoped to say the unsaid without saying
Fragmented thoughts, oh clumsy me
I needed to make no apology,
'Cause I know you know
Guess it's time to go